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Robust Closed-Loop Control on a 2D-High-Lift-Device
Zitatschlüssel Heinz_10
Autor Heinz, Notger and King, Rudibert and Haucke, Frank and Nitsche, Wolfgang
Seiten 91–108
Jahr 2010
Journal International Journal of Flow Control
Jahrgang 2
Nummer 2
Zusammenfassung This work shows the application of robust closed-loop strategies on a 2D high-lift configuration. The aim is to control the amount of lift achieved, instead of maximising that amount as it is usually done with open-loop set-ups. A way to model a 2D high-lift-device will be outlined, based on linear black-box-models of the lift as a function of the actuation amplitude. This model will be examined with respect to needed complexity and sensitivity to experimental parameters. In an experimental implementation the disturbance rejection and tracking capability of a synthesized closed-loop-controller will be shown and its possible use in aviation pointed out.
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