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Development & Application of modern Measurement Techniques for pressurised cryogenic Wind Tunnels [19]

Quest, J., Leuckert, J., Fey, U., Konrath, R. and Egami, Y.

Proc. of the 26th ICAS Congress (ICAS 2008-261) 2008

Download Bibtex Eintrag [20]

Application of Advanced Surface Sensors for the Detection and Control of Flow Separation on an Industrial High-lift Configuration [21]

Hoefener, L., Leuckert, J., Neitzke, K.-P., Hucker, M. and Nitsche, C. W. a.

ICAS 2006-347 2006

Download Bibtex Eintrag [22]

Active Separation Control on a High-Lift Configuration by a Periodically Pulsating Jet [23]

Petz, R. and Nitsche, W.

ICAS 2004-118 2004

Download Bibtex Eintrag [24]

Experimental Investigations on the Adaptation Accuracy of Adaptive Slots in Wind Tunnel Test Section Walls [25]

Meyer, O., Blume, S. and Nitsche, W.

ICAS 2002-496 2002

Download Bibtex Eintrag [26]


Experimental Investigations of Flow Field and Heat Transfer Characteristics due to Periodically Pulsating Impinging Air Jets [27]

Janetzke, T., Nitsche, W. and Täge, J.

Heat and Mass Transfer, 193–206. 2008

Download Bibtex Eintrag [28]


Aerodynamic Benefits of Pulsed Blowing Applied to High-Lift Airfoils [29]

Petz, R.

First CEAS European Air and Space Conference 2007

Download Bibtex Eintrag [30]


Particle image velocimetry of active flow control on a compressor cascade [31]

Hecklau, M., van Rennings, R., Zander, V., Nitsche, W., Huppertz, A. and Swoboda, M.

Experiments in Fluids, 799-811. 2011

Download Bibtex Eintrag [32]

Experimental investigations of controlled transition of a laminar separation bubble in an axisymmetric diffuser [33]

Hoefener, L. and Nitsche, W.

Experiments in Fluids, 89–103. 2008

Download Bibtex Eintrag [34]

Active control of crossflow-induced transition by means of in-line pneumatic actuator orifices [35]

Lohse, J., Barth, H. and Nitsche, W.

Experiments in Fluids, 1-10. 2016

Download Bibtex Eintrag [36]

Comparative in-flight and wind tunnel investigation of the development of natural and controlled disturbances in the laminar boundary layer of an airfoil [37]

Peltzer, I.

Experiments in Fluids, 961–972. 2008

Download Bibtex Eintrag [38]

Tuft deflection velocimetry: a simple method to extract quantitative flow field information [39]

Steinfurth, B., Cura, C., Gehring, J. and Weiss, J.

Experiments in Fluids 2020

Download Bibtex Eintrag [40]

The Surface Hot Wire as a Means of Measuring Mean and Fluctuating Wall Shear Stresses [41]

Sturzebecher, D., Anders, S. and Nitsche, W.

Experiments in Fluids, 294-301. 2001

Download Bibtex Eintrag [42]


Investigation of the Influence of two Wings Coupling at their Wing-Tips [43]

Behrens, A., Grund, T., Ebert, C., Luckner, R. and Weiss, J.

DLRK 2018

Download Bibtex Eintrag [44]

Aktive Ablösekontrolle an der Hinterkantenklappe einer generischen Hochauftriebskonfiguration unter Einbeziehung von Regelungskonzepten [45]

Petz, R., Becker, R., Nitsche, W. and King, R.

DGLR Jahrestagung, 2-12. 2005

Download Bibtex Eintrag [46]

Experimentelle Methoden zur Charakterisierung der aktiven Strömungskontrolle in einer hoch belasteten Verdichterkaskade [47]

Zander, V., Hecklau, M., Nitsche, W., Huppertz, A. and Swoboda, M.

Deutscher Luft- und Raumfahrt Kongress (DLRK2008-081322) 2008

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