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Publikationen am FG Aerodynamik


Measurements of pressure and velocity fluctuations in a family of turbulent separation bubbles

LeFloch, A., Weiss, J., Mohammed-Taifour, A. and Dufresne, L.

Journal of Fluid Mechanics 2020

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Investigation of Wall-Pressure Fluctuations in Three Pressure-Induced Turbulent Separation Bubbles

LeFloch, A., Mohammed-Taifour, A., Dufresne, L. and Weiss, J.

AIAA 2019-3650, AIAA Aviation Conference, Dallas 2019

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On Application of Surface Measurement Techniques for Cryogenic High Reynolds Number Investigations on Wind Tunnel Models

Leuckert, J., Domhardt, J., Nitsche, W. and J.Quest

Proceedings of the 46th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, AIAA 2008-0842 2008

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Anwendung von Oberflächenmesstechniken zur Transitionserkennung an Windkanalmodellen unter kryogenen Bedingungen

Leuckert, J., Domhardt, J., Nitsche, W. and J.Quest

Deutscher Luft- und Raumfahrt Kongress 2008

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Benefits of Applying Pulsed Jet Actuation on a Vertical Stabilizer

Loeffler, S. and Weiss, J.

Notes on Numerical Fluid Dynamics and Multidisciplinary Design. Springer. 2020

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Flow Field Investigation on a Vertical Stabilizer with Pulsed Jet Actuation by means of PIV Measurements

Löffler, S., Rohlfs, L., Staats, M. and Weiss, J.

AIAA 2019-3499, AIAA Aviation Conference, Dallas 2019

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Investigation of Flow Separation and Transition to Turbulence in an Axisymmetric Diffusor

Martin, A., Thiele, F., Hoefener, L. and Nitsche, W.

AIAA 2004-1102 2004

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Experimental Investigations on the Adaptation Accuracy of Adaptive Slotted Wind Tunnel Test Sections Using Selected Test Bodies

Meyer, O., Blume, S. and Nitsche, W.

New Results in Numerical and Experimental Fluid Mechanics IV - NNFM Vol.87. Springer. 2004

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Update on Progress in Adaptive Wind-Tunnel Wall Technology

Meyer, O. and Nitsche, W.

Progress in Aerospace Sciences, Elsevier, 119-141. 2004

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