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Publikationen am FG Aerodynamik


Investigating the Effect of Pulsed Jet Actuation at the Rudder Hinge Line of a Vertical Stabilizer with Phase-Locked PIV

Rohlfs, L., Löffler, S. and Weiss, J.

AIAA 2020-1535, AIAA SciTech Conference, Orlando, 2020 2020

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Investigations into the visualization and quantification of wall shear stressdistributions using infrared thermography

Reyer, M., Rudolph, I. and Nitsche, W.

Proc. of the 25th AIAA Aerodynamic Measurement Technology and Ground TestingConference, AIAA-2006-3840 2006

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Development & Application of modern Measurement Techniques for pressurised cryogenic Wind Tunnels

Quest, J., Leuckert, J., Fey, U., Konrath, R. and Egami, Y.

Proc. of the 26th ICAS Congress (ICAS 2008-261) 2008

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Active Transition Delay by Spatial Surface Actuation with Model Predictive Control

Pätzold, A., Peltze, I., Nitsche, W., Goldin, N., King, R., Haller, D. and Woias, P.

Contributions to the 17th STAB/DGLR Symposium Berlin, Germany 2010

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Sensors and Measurement Technology for Flight Experiments

Pätzold, A., Peltzer, I. and Nitsche, W.

Proc. Advanced In-Flight Measurement Techniques Workshop, 27th to 28th of October 2009, Göttingen, Germany 2009

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Investigation on Actuator Arrays for Active Wave Control on a 2D-Airfoil

Pätzold, A., Peltzer, I., Nitsche, W., Haller, D. and Woias, P.

New Results in Numerical and Experimental Fluid Mechanics VII - NNFM 112. Springer, 265-272. 2010

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Aerodynamic Benefits of Pulsed Blowing Applied to High-Lift Airfoils

Petz, R.

First CEAS European Air and Space Conference 2007

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Designing Actuators for Active Separation Control Experiments on High-Lift Configurations

Petz, R. and Nitsche, W.

Active Flow Control - NNFM Vol.95. Springer, 69-84. 2007

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Active Control of Flow Separation on a Swept Constant Chord Half-Model in High-Lift Configuration

Petz, R. and Nitsche, W.

3rd AIAA Flow Control Conference, AIAA 2006-3505, San Francisco, USA 2006

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