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Publikationen am FG Aerodynamik

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Experiments on Active Drag Reduction on a Complex Outer Wing Model [18]

Bauer, M., Grund, T. and Nitsche, W.

AIAA Journal, 1-10. 2014

Download Bibtex entry [19]

Wing Tip Drag Reduction at Nominal Take-Off Mach Number: An Approach to Local Active Flow Control with a Highly Robust Actuator System [20]

Bauer, M., Grund, T., Nitsche, W. and Ciobaca, V.

Preprints 2016 2016

Download Bibtex entry [21]

High-Lift Performance Investigation of a Two-Element Configuration with a Two-Stage Actuator System [22]

Bauer, M., Lohse, J., Haucke, F. and Nitsche, W.

AIAA Journal, 1-17. 2014

Download Bibtex entry [23]

Active Flow Control on an Industry-Relevant Civil Aircraft Half Model [24]

Bauer, M., Peltzer, I., Nitsche, W. and Gölling, B.

Active Flow Control II - NNFM 108. Springer, 95–107. 2010

Download Bibtex entry [25]


Spanwise Aspects of Unsteadiness in a Pressure-Induced Turbulent Separation Bubble [26]

A. LeFloch, A., Mohammed-Taifour, A., Dufresne, L. and Weiss, J.

AIAA 2018-3538, AIAA Aviation Conference, Atlanta 2018

Download Bibtex entry [27]

Imaging Measurement Moethods for Flow Analysis [28]

||Springer, Berlin. 2009

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