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Publikationen am FG Aerodynamik


Iterative Learning Active Flow Control Applied to a Compressor Stator Cascade With Periodic Disturbances

Steinberg, S. J., Staats, M., Nitsche, W. and King, R.

Journal of Turbomachinery. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 111003. 2015

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Efficient Vortex Ring Generation with Non-Parallel Planar Starting Jets in Crossflow

Steinfurth, B. and Weiss, J.

AIAA 2020-0814, AIAA SciTech Conference, Orlando, 2020 2020

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Assessment of two fluidic actuators for active flow control on a one-sided diffuser

Steinfurth, B., Haucke, F. and Weiss, J.

CEAS Aeronaut Journal, 1-11. 2019

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Increasing the aerodynamic performance of a Formula Student race car by means of active flow control

Steinfurth, B., Berthold, A., Feldhus, S., Haucke, F. and Weiss, J.

SAE International Journal of Advances and Current Practices in Mobility, 1-14. 2019

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Aerodynamic behavior of Formula Student open-wheel race car model with regard to head restraint/rear wing interaction

Steinfurth, B., Feldhus, S., Berthold, A. and Haucke, F.

SAE Technical Paper 2018-01-0724, 1-11. 2018

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Tuft deflection velocimetry: a simple method to extract quantitative flow field information

Steinfurth, B., Cura, C., Gehring, J. and Weiss, J.

Experiments in Fluids 2020

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Vortex rings produced by non-parallel planar starting jets

Steinfurth, B. and Weiss, J.

Journal of Fluid Mechanics 2020

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Inclined non-parallel planar starting jets in crossflow

Steinfurth, B. and Weiss, J.

73nd Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, Virtual, 2020

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Point-Source Induced Transition in Free Flight

Stemmer, C., Suttan, J., Kloker, M. and Nitsche, W.

New Results in Numerical and Experimental Fluid Mechanics II (NNFM 72). Vieweg Verlag, 458-465. 1999

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Kaskadierte Sensor-Aktuatorsysteme zur aktiven Dämpfung von natürlichen Tollmien–Schlichting-Instabilitäten an einem Tragflügel

Sturzebecher, D.

Fortschritt-Berichte VDI, Reihe7, Nr.435. VDI Verlag. 2002 Technische Universität Berlin

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The Surface Hot Wire as a Means of Measuring Mean and Fluctuating Wall Shear Stresses

Sturzebecher, D., Anders, S. and Nitsche, W.

Experiments in Fluids, 294-301. 2001

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Visualization of the Spatial-Temporal Instability Wave Development in a Laminar Boundary Layer by Means of a Heated PVDF Sensor Array

Sturzebecher, D. and Nitsche, W.

New Results in Numerical and Experimental Fluid Mechanics. Vieweg Verlag, 335-342. 1997

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